Derek Jeter Retires: Can He Compete?


For 2 decades Yankees fans and baseball aficionados everywhere have reveled in Derek Jeter’s statesmanship and poise. Jeter exemplified leadership. Despite getting performed alongside several teammates embroiled in debate, Jeter continued to be over the fray. He spoken with his bat. He spoken with his glove. His capability to keep his tongue spoke noisally enough for those to listen to. He was, as all baseball fans know, a fierce competitor. Yankees fans around the world make a day when Jeter might go back to the business. Is he going to coach? Is he going to manage? Is he going to run the leading office?

Jeter isn’t the first worker to retire after many years of dedicated and valuable service. Neither is Derek Jeter an average worker. If your professional baseball team offered Derek Jeter the task of Manager ? any baseball team ? Yankees fans may likely with each other say “Good for you personally, Captain.”

This author is not aware associated with a instance where a retiring baseball player was susceptible to a non-competition agreement. However not every effective retiring employees in Florida face as simple a way to ongoing success. Readers of the blog are very well conscious that under defined conditions Florida law enables employers and employees to barter non-competition contracts that may restrict for any limited time period the previous employee’s future employment. Under Florida law, a company and it is worker can agree with future limitations relating to location, niche and period of time. A company and it is worker can agree with what information is really a trade secret as well as on limitations towards the former employee’s utilisation of the employer’s trade secrets.

Are you able to think of the trade secrets a sports athlete like Derek Jeter must possess? Insight around the various pitchers through the league can be invaluable to some Yankees competitor. Jeter’s understanding of the Yankees organization itself can be invaluable to some Yankees competitor. Sure, professionals throughout baseball command high salaries to own just such insight. Professional scouts abound. Each Manager understands the options of virtually every other player within the league. But the number of of these has faced a 97 Miles per hour fastball and deftly flicked it into right field having a runner in scoring position to win the sport?

It is true, a company and worker in Florida can agree with limitations towards the employee’s future employment upon their departure from the current job. If you are susceptible to non-competition agreement in Florida and therefore are restricted from employed in your selected field for time, you needn’t panic. Rumor has it that the job has become obtainable in the Bronx. The Yankees require a shortstop.

However, should you lack that specific talent and want legal counsel on Florida non-competition contracts, make certain you call a lawyer experienced in this region from the law. At Burr & Forman we’ve attorneys in nine offices through the Southeast experienced in working with these problems. You will find, Derek, we also require a shortstop…




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