WhatsApp plus Facebook, what data protection issues?


Adding 450 million monthly users to at least one.3 bn monthly users costs $19 bn based on Facebook, but additionally implies that the customer can learn about (and take advantage of) much a lot of its users to become potentially employed for advertising purposes. This is exactly what advertisers might be considering, but this can be even the concern from the Canadian, the Nederlander and also the Italian data protection authority that investigated on WhatsApp in 2013.

Indeed, WhatsApp have been asked this past year about the kinds of data collected, their modalities of usage and storage along with the measures carried out to prevent organizations to gain access to for them. But data protection issues caused a troubled year furthermore Facebook which was obliged to pay for $20 million to stay a in California.

The need for the WhatsApp deal which recent disputes make sure the actual asset within the next years will be presented by big data, better if they’re collected through cellular devices or wearable technologies. However, the problem is whether data protection regulators should release privacy law limitations to be able to promote the development of those technologies that might also result in advantages to users or strengthen the privacy related protections and in the sunshine from the recent scandals happened in america.

Within this perspective the ecu Parliament voted in October 2013 for stricter data protection rules copying the draft regulation that were discussed during the last 24 months and offers now, amongst others, fines as much as EUR ten million or as much as 5% from the annual worldwide turnover whichever is larger.

The regulation will ultimately introduce a distinctive group of data protection laws and regulations relevant all over the Eu while right now the inconsistencies within the implementation from the EU Privacy Directives represent a significant cost for multinational companies and also the goal for that European Parliament is to own final approval by May 2014, but someone doubts concerning the practicality of these time-frame. However, once adopted this can represent a significant change because of not only European companies but additionally worldwide companies providing their services within the Eu no matter where they’re located given that they shall adhere to European standards of privacy.

Again now you ask , whether this transformation is perfect for better or may cause an aggressive disadvantage for Europe stopping or at best delaying some investments in the area.



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