Primary Causes of License Suspension- No Insurance and Neglecting to Report Accidents towards the Department of motor vehicles!



Woodland Hillsides vehicle accident lawyer Craig P. Goldberg – a foremost advocate for Uninsured Motorist Coverage-is worried for his clients and neighbors that more than 4 million motorists in California have suspended licenses! That approximately 1 in 6! That ensures they are Uninsured Motorists and you have to “cover” yourself! The primary reason behind license suspension may be the mixture of getting no insurance during the time of a vehicle accident or neglecting to benefit by an accident towards the Department of motor vehicles no matter fault and whether or not you’re insured during the time of a vehicle accident!

Actually, really the only way the Department of motor vehicles checks and enforces the required insurance (Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law) is as simple as requiring motorists in an accident to file for a study of Accident-an SR-1 Form – directly using the Department of motor vehicles within ten days of the accident! Law enforcement won’t get it done. Your insurance provider won’t get it done.

THE Department of motor vehicles ACCEPTS NO EXCUSES FOR Neglecting To FILE AN SR-1 FORM

What the law states mandates that traffic accidents on any California street, highway or private property should be reported towards the Department of motor vehicles within ten days when there was an injuries, dying or damage to property more than $750. It doesn’t matter should you forget, should you be sick or that you simply thought another person was doing the work for you personally.

In the SR-1 Form, the Department of motor vehicles forwards your data and knowledge concerning the adverse driver towards the particular insurance providers for verification. When it’s determined the adverse party doesn’t have insurance, you’ll need these details by means of an SR-19 Form to gain access to your personal Uninsured Motorist Coverage. The offending driver without being insured has their license suspended immediately. No excuses!

YOU Might Or Might Not Obtain A SECOND Opportunity To FILE THE SR-1 FORM

Motorists who have been within an accident and didn’t remember to file for the SR-1 Form can always avoid a suspension. Presently, the Department of motor vehicles attempts to give all motorists a “second chance.” If another driver filed an SR-1 Form identifying YOU, the Department of motor vehicles will be sending a “last chance” letter for your last known address though it may be well past ten days after any sort of accident. Should You receive one of these simple letters, you have to act within ten days or perhaps your license is going to be suspended for just one year. Don’t depend around the Department of motor vehicles to possess your correct address thinking you will get a “last chance.” The 2nd chance isn’t a guarantee and, based on the law, the Department of motor vehicles doesn’t owe a “second chance.”

You Might AVOID A SUSPENSION If Your YEAR Has Transpired Because The ACCIDENT

The Department of motor vehicles claims that it doesn’t accept reports or take actions against non-reporting or uninsured motorists unless of course the SR-1 Form is received through the Department of motor vehicles within one twelve months from the date from the accident. So, should you be uninsured and something year has transpired, you might have become lucky.

In the law firm of Craig P. Goldberg, we make sure that your Department of motor vehicles SR-1 Form is quickly and correctly filed.


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