Performing Business in South Usa as well as the Caribbean: Paraguay


By having an section of 406,752 square kilometers, Paraguay occupies the central plain of South Usa. Her world’s largest freshwater reserve referred to as “Acuífero Guaraní.” The country’s fertile soil is among the major sources for agriculture and cattle raising. Paraguay is situated in the confluence of the important river system and 2 oceans, supplying easy accessibility major ports and markets in the area.

Paraguay has roughly 6.5 million occupants who about 600,000 reside in Asunción, the main city of the nation. Its human population is youthful and homogeneous. About seventy percent of people is under 30 years old.

The current metabolic rate was enacted in 1992. It establishes a presidential government system, with three independent branches: executive, legislative and judicial.

Spanish and Guaraní are official languages. Guaraní is definitely an Indian language also utilized by the traditional Jesuit clergymen, spoken by 90% of people.

The legislation is unified inside the country as Paraguay is really a nonfederal country.

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