New Needs Regarding Ton Insurance in Massachusetts


On This summer 23, 2014 , Governor Deval Patrick signed into law “An Act Further Controlling Ton Insurance”, effective November 20, 2014. Links towards the Act and also to “Frequently Requested Questions” made by the Massachusetts Division of Banks are available below.

By November 20, 2014, lenders/creditors are prohibited from requiring that the purchaser or who owns house with 1-4 units, purchase ton insurance that:

Contains coverage exceeding the outstanding principal mortgage balance from the loan guaranteed by the start of the entire year that the ton insurance plan will be essentially

Includes coverage for contents or

Features a deductible of under $5,000.

The Act mandates that a notice that contains statutory prescribed language get towards the purchaser or house owner at that time the client or owner is notified of the necessity to purchase or purchase ton insurance.

Even though the new law clearly impacts residential mortgage brokers, what the law states will also apply to commercial lenders where house is taken as collateral to have a loan or guaranty of the principal.

Lenders should review their type of notes, mortgages along with other documents to make sure that they don’t contain language which may maintain breach from the law, for example provisions requiring the procurement of ton insurance covering contents.

An Action Further Controlling Ton Insurance

Faq’s on Chapter 177 from the Functions of 2014, An Action Further Controlling Ton Insurance


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