The Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District Would Prefer To Charge Parents with Vandalism rather than Remediate its PCB Contaminated Schools


Inside a bizarre twist, public school officials have filed a police report against a Malibu parent who allegedly required examples of window caulking from soccer practice structures to check for toxic polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), based on documents released by Public Employees for Ecological Responsibility (PEER).

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD) can also be positively searching for teachers along with other community people who might be involved, even while two elected board people have condemned your time and effort. (see attached emails from Board people Craig Promote and Oscar en Torre)

For 2 years Malibu Middle and School and Juan Cabrillo Grade School will be in an uproar as increasing numbers of than 30 Malibu teachers and alumni came forward with serious health problems considered to be associated with PCB exposure.


6 teachers with thyroid cancer

3 alumni (28-year-old)with thyroid cancer

1 current student with thyroid disease, possible thyroid cancer

25 teachers with thyroid disease (including 14 of 30 Malibu Junior High School teachers)

9 alumni within their 20s with thyroid disease

1 alumni (22-year-old) with eco caused melanoma

2 current teachers with eco caused melanoma

1 teacher hospitalized from your eco-caused rash

1 current student by having an eco-caused rash lasting several several weeks

countless installments of headaches persistent rashes daily migraines infertility issues hair thinning immune issues respiratory system issues and diabetes.

For over a year, significant independent sampling has had put on the campus complex, showing very high and illegal amounts of PCBs remain even just in areas supposedly remediated through the district.

The resulting certified lab results happen to be filed with Environmental protection agency, condition officials and also the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office. U.S. Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) personally transmitted the newest independent test leads to EPA’s Gina McCarthy.

In March 2015, PEER along with a parents group filed a federal suit underneath the Toxins Control Act from the SMMUSD Superintendent Sandra Lyon and Board for neglecting to remove illegal PCB-contaminated materials. The district and it is retained counsel are very fighting off any more caulk testing in the schools.

A week ago, district officials informed teachers and fogeys it had filed a criminal vandalism complaint against a parent or gaurdian to take caulk samples.

Simultaneously, the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District also did the next:

Threatened to find prosecution of anybody who aids or perhaps encourages the testing “no matter how apparently minor that person’s role may be”

Intimated obstruction of justice charges for refusal to cooperate using the analysis and

Blocked teachers who desired to leave probably the most contaminated classrooms with suggested disciplinary action, even while two more installments of thyroid-related illness happen to be reported just previously 2 days, together with a former Malibu High teacher identified as having thyroid cancer who labored in classrooms with verified PCBs.

“It is absolutely inappropriate to threaten parents for attempting to make certain their children’s school is protected or teachers for safeguarding their,Inches mentioned PEER Senior Counsel Paula Dinerstein, noting the irony the district’s latest heavy-handed measures came amongst a college anti-bullying campaign.

“The real criminal activity is maintaining an ill school and blocking an extensive cleanup.”

Two elected people from the SMMUSD have condemned the criminal complaint, as have a lot of staff people, such as the school librarian who decried the “administration’s hounding of staff people for statements and the specter of prosecution.” (See attached email from soccer practice Librarian Suzanne Moscoso)

The price of fully remediating the 3 schools continues to be believed below $1.5 million. Consider PCB contamination on campus was initially revealed to teachers and parents in October 2013, the district has spent near to $seven million on legal charges and ecological consultants in order to limit its liability and reassure parents the campus – despite mounting evidence on the contrary – is “safe.” (See listing of expenses)


“This perverse district has spent much more fighting a cleanup that exactly what the cleanup would cost,” observed Dinerstein.

“What is happening in Malibu may be the epitome of educational malpractice.”

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